A little blogging break — here’s why

Hi everyone,

I know right now wasn’t the best time to take a blogging break — especially since I was featured in the article from Today Moms about harnesses!

However, life sometimes takes an unexpected turn and we all have to work around it. In the past few weeks, I have:

  • Visited Hawaii to help my grandmother: Grandma had breast cancer so we needed to go and help her through the surgery. They found her cancer early because she gets her mammograms yearly. Please make sure you are getting your mammograms! According to WomensHealth.gov you must get a mammogram every 2 years if you are over 50:¬†http://womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/mammograms.html#e
  • Purchased a house — yes! We got a small house and now are in the midst of moving. I’m learning how to de-clutter and have found it to be a perfectly cleansing experience. If you are sort of a hoarder (like me), I highly recommend Shed Your Stuff Change your Life. It’s helping me to realize why I collect things and, in a matter of days, I have been able to cleanse myself of some stuff I have been unnecessarily holding on to.
  • I have become addicted to vintage pyrex. I know this goes in the direct face of SHEDing, but I’ve started collecting vintage pyrex. I would like our house to become a plastic free zone. So I’m working at collecting these beautiful bowls and items from Goodwill.

I hope you all are well and please let me know what you have been up to!


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