Satchel Addiction Turned Obsession: Satchel in Oxblood — An Alternative to Red

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While I’ve been in love with Clara’s Red Satchel, this Oxblood one is also extremely good looking and seems a bit more professional (I already have my bright blue Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel, so I may need a more subdued one for interviews). I’m intrigued because the reviewers seem to love it. In fact, one review on Modcloth said “ even though it is red the brown undertones will mean it goes with almost anything.” There is a handle, too. Hmmm…

Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Oxblood - 15 from ModCloth – $174.99

from: ModCloth

I think I already have my satchel quota for the next couple of months, but if this one is still available later, I may just pick it up.

Doctor Who: A Very Clara Outfit


A Very Clara Outfit


Barbour black quilted jacket
$260 -

The Classic The Cambridge Satchel Company
$145 -

Doctor Who Sundays

HB and I look forward to Sundays, because we watch Doctor Who. It’s an exciting day for us because we never have time on Saturdays when the episode originally airs. 

Doctor Who has a very special place in my heart — I found the series when I was on bed rest for the first time when I was 3 months pregnant. We had just returned home from Russia, and I was in a lot of pain and very sick. It turns out, I had fibroids that were acting up. So, I stayed in bed for 2 weeks and finished many seasons of Doctor Who. The series helped me through one of the hardest periods of my life, in pain and worried I would have a miscarriage, I struggled to remain calm — I needed something to take my mind off everything. Doctor Who was that distraction. I have been an addict ever since, not just because the series is so entertaining and well written and Matt Smith is delicious and talented, but because it reminds me of a time when my sole focus was on keeping my daughter safe.  
Doctor Who was the perfect companion.

HB celebrating Doctor Who Sundays


Doctor Who Clara’s Red Satchel Obsession Continued…

A couple of days later, and I am still obsessed with Clara’s satchel. I did a search for Clara’s satchel and came up with this:

Clara Oswin Oswald - The Rings of Akhaten

It’s a set of an outfit like Clara’s! Ashbug13 did a wonderful job and I’m absolutely smitten with that satchel <3 The only thing I would change about this is the Zatchel Satchel. Instead, I would use the Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel because of their anti-bullying stance and donations.

So, here is a picture of the Cambridge Satchel Co.’s satchel. Honestly, I can’t see the difference. Can you?

The Classic The Cambridge Satchel Company

And one more board (seriously obsessed with Doctor Who):

Satchel <3

New Doctor Who Episode Sparks Satchel Addiction

I just watched the new Doctor Who episode. Clara and the Doctor were brilliant, but what stole the show for me was Clara’s red satchel. I watched as she hid in corners with the Queen and swooped in at the end — all the while, her beautiful red satchel bounced and sashayed behind her. It evoked images of schoolgirls with sophistication. I had to have one.

I began researching satchels immediately. I searched high and low. That’s when I saw it. An article by Mashable about the Cambridge Satchel Co and how the founder turned 600 Pounds into a million dollar industry using social media and blogger outreach. I loved it. I loved the rags to riches story. But what was even better for me, was why she created the company. She created it to pay for school fees so her daughters wouldn’t be bullied at the public school. In fact, the company has donated to anti-bullying organizations. I was sold. Now, I had to find the best satchel for the right price (mom on a  budget).

I Googled every place until I found the perfect bag — a metallic blue satchel from Cambridge Satchel Co (it had to be from this company, their history sold me) that would fit my Surface — on sale! Squee!!


Once I get my hands on this lovely metallic blue bag, I will post a picture as I open the package.

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