It’s crochet/knitting season!

I’m so excited! It’s knitting/crocheting season! I know you can crochet and knit during all seasons, but, for me, I love knitting during fall. In the Northwest there is a lot of rain during the fall months, so I treasure the summer days. At the end, though, I’m excited for fall to start — I can only take so much sun!

Here is a crochet vest we made last year for Hapa Baby! It still fits! And it keeps her cozy and warm. I’ll soon be posting more creations soon!


Update to Knit Swirl sweater

Finally finished my knit swirl sweater last week. It was not as easy as it looked and I’m not sure I will attempt another one very soon. Maybe when I have lots of time and extra yarn.

I think one of my problems is that I have a hard time following a pattern exactly. If you are the same, I would be wary. If you always follow directions , like I wish I could, you’ll do very well and I’d recommend trying this.

For this sweater, there was supposed to be a lace pattern. I decided not to do the lace pattern and only did the lace on the edges. I thought it fit the personality of the person I made it for. The sweater in a size one fit my sister who is a size 4 and my mom who is a size 12. They are both 5′. I edited the pattern and did not knit 10 welts because the sweater would have been way too long. Again, not sure if I recommend doing this. Follow the pattern. If you’d like more info on how I shortened it please feel free to ask in the comments.

I had a difficult time figuring out the “one seam” that connected the collar to the body.

I suggest pinning the collar to the body first and trying it on. The collar and the body do not line up perfectly, or at least they didn’t when I tried to line them. Thus, I made some rouching to the sleeves evenly on both sides to give it some flair.

I think this sweater would be great for pregnancy or someone very skinny.

It drapes well but looks a little bulky. Maybe it is the pattern I chose “silhouette in the sun”. This is a birthday gift and it looks wonderful on the girl I’m giving it to because she’s very petite. But on me… Not my style, I guess



Help the Penguins: Provide Knits!

Penguins need to wear sweaters to keep from preening and swallowing toxic oil

Knitters! These cute little guys need your help. According to Gawker, has requested sweaters for penguins to keep them from preening and swallowing toxic oil from recent spills. So help a penguin out — knit a sweater!

 Penguin Sweater Pattern

Address for sweaters:
5 Husheer Place,
PO Box 3123,
Onekawa, Napier 4142


UPDATE: Thank you, Danielle! From the comments:  just looked at the Skeinz website, and there was a “Penguin Update”…here is the link to their blog with the update: