Capsule Wardrobes During Pregnancy: Do it or not do it?

As I mentioned previously, I have actively been trying to donate a lot of my clothes and reduce my need to consume everything. It’s working. Sort of. I have started buying less items and focusing more on what I already have. When I need an item (like workout clothes, sweaters, or things I’m outgrowing due to pregnancy), I try to donate an item — it has completely helped my closet!

While trying to reduce the rest of my closet, I started researching minimalist fashion. I am not, by far, a minimalist. In fact, I grew up in a household of hoarders who believe that you shouldn’t give anything away just in case you need it. But it was time. Honestly, I couldn’t enter my closet!

I’m happy to report it looks a lot better:

Clean closet

After all the piles of clothing for donation, I finally have a clean closet. Please don’t pay attention to the princess potty in the corner ;)

Here are the clothes I will be donating. Clothes that I like but don’t *love* and hope that someone else will love them :)

Clothing Donation Pile

This was taking up my closet space!

After creating a donation pile of more than half of everything I owned, I was a little confused. What do I do now?

I began researching fashion minimalism. I found a post on capsule wardrobes and was very drawn to Mom Advice’s take on the Capsule Wardrobe. You can read her capsule wardrobe rules here. The catch (for me) is that I’m 19 weeks pregnant. I’m going to do it a little differently as I’m not sure what I’ll fit in a few months and I want to be realistic with myself.

Pregnant Fashion Capsule

My rules for my Fashion Capsule

I decided to replace some of the pieces I donated and purchase a few key pieces of maternity clothes that could grow with me.

1. 37 Items ( shoes, scarves, underwear, tights, workout gear not included). For the first rule, it’s pretty much the same as Mom Advice’s, but I added shoes and scarves because… I love interchanging my shoes and scarves. There is no way I could do without them! Also, I’m not sure how my feet will be in a few months so I didn’t want to choose heels when I could only wear flats and wear out the soles of my boots.

2. No Shoe Buying For the second rule, this will be the hardest for me. I love my Fluevogs and, honestly, was hoping to purchase some for my birthday. I hope I can stick to this!

3. Purchase One Item as Needed Realistically, I have no idea where I’ll be in 3 months. I could become as big as a house and not fit anything in the capsule I’ve created. In this case, I’ll have to purchase an item.

I haven’t created the collection yet, but i’ll let you know how it goes!

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The Cougar Mountain Zoo is a favorite of ours because it’s not very crowded, has some very interesting animals, and a petting zoo that Hapa Baby loves.

I read in a few reviews that this zoo is extremely small — I’ll agree with this. The zoo is quite small and if you are interested in seeing a larger zoo the Woodland Zoo is the best.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo is charming and fun for toddlers. I used to be in the “it’s too small” camp, but I’ve realized the wisdom of taking Hapa Baby here instead of a larger zoo. She gets to see and explore everything without getting overwhelmed. Although I love the Woodland Zoo, we can’t get see more than one large area because Hapa Baby gets impatient and wants to leave. Not so with the Cougar Mountain Zoo — she can explore all the exhibits to her heart’s content and she loves to run through the petting zoo areas.

At the gate, the people remember us and we purchase $2 apples. Then we say hello to the cougars before heading off to the petting zoo where Hapa Baby feeds the alpacas and runs around.

But, instead of telling you about it, I’ll let you see the fun. Here is a typical day in pictures at the Woodland Zoo.

 Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Hapa Baby loves the zoo. When we visit, we purchase her cups of apples for $2.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She feeds the alligator.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She feeds the Alpacas.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She likes how the Alpacas’ fuzzy mouths tickle her little hands.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She watches the cranes with their beautiful pom poms.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She talks to the wallabies.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

But her real loves are the alpacas.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Especially this guy with funny teeth.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

And she really likes to feed this alligator on her way out of the petting zoo area.

DSC_0252 DSC_0255

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She checks out the Emus.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

And watches the beautiful views.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She plays hide and seek with Daddy

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Then gets a good look at the tiger getting a good look at her.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The tigers are beautiful. Aren’t they?

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The Cougar Mountain Zoo even sells Carnivore Poo to keep away pesky predators

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Predators like this guy.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

More “Zoo Doo” to be sold.

Last, but not least, what was I wearing?


A skirt from Anthropologie, a ruffle scarf from Blooming Vintage, my favorite Kate Spade bag that fits everything and Adriana Nuni Fluevogs! (I should have worn tights, but I couldn’t find them. They would have pulled my outfit together.)

Hapa Baby wore a Gap Pink Puffy Coat, silk skirt from Peek, Mini Boden tights, and pink boots we bought in Brooklyn for a song.


Another peek at the Adriana Nuni Fluevogs

Visiting the Rivet and Sway New Collection

Note: This post contains affiliate links please visit my disclosure page for more information. 

Last week my sister, mom, and I visited the Rivet & Sway offices to test out the New Rivet and Sway Collection because they just released sunglasses, and I’ve been looking to purchase a pair. I snapped a few photos of the event and the glasses we ended up getting!

New Rivet and Sway Collection

New Rivet & Sway Chelsea Hall Collection

More frames from the Rivet and Sway Collection

More frames from the Rivet & Sway collection

The Rivet and Sway Pricing Sheet

The Rivet & Sway Pricing Sheet

Rivet & Sway's Sale Wall

Rivet & Sway’s Sale Wall

Mom Modelling the Rivet and Sway Rizzos

Mom modeling the Rivet & Sway Rizzo’s

Our New Rivet and Sway Glasses!

Wearing our new glasses! (Left to Right) Sis in High Five, Me in Ticker Tape, and Mom in Rizzo

Rivet & Sway’s glasses are a lot of fun, and I totally love them. Counting the new prescription sunnies I just purchased, I have 3 pairs. I like them because you can order them online — they now allow you to order 5 pairs for at home try ons so you can test the fit and make sure everything is looking right. You can take a look at their collection on their website: Rivet & Sway. If you’re worried about ordering online, and you live in the Seattle area (or driving distance), you can call and make an appointment at the Rivet & Sway Showroom.

On our feet, of course, we’re wearing Fluevogs.

A Fluevog Boot Circle

A Fluevog Boot Circle (Left to Right): Sis in Rosie in Black, Mom in Red Operettas, and me in Adriana Nuni in Black


A Happy, Happy Birthday

Birthdays are always a big deal for me. On my birthday, I celebrate the past year with my family and I look forward to another year with them.

This birthday my mom, my husband, and my hana’i sister and her husband planned a great day for me. It was probably one of the best birthdays I have had. They were all very secretive, and I didn’t know anything was going to happen until the day of when they whisked me away to an undisclosed location in Seattle.

The location ended up being SkyCity at the Space Needle for brunch, and it was delicious. I ordered the Kurubota Ham and Beecher’s Cheese omelette with potatoes and corn bisque. My mom and husband ordered the prime rib — everything was excellent and the service was amazing.

Here are a few photos from SkyCity:


View from SkyCity at the Neelde

View from SkyCity at the Neelde

Hapa Baby Blowing Out the Candles

Hapa Baby Blowing Out the Candles

Hapa Baby in a snowsuit on a cold Seattle Day

Hapa Baby in a snowsuit on my birthday

After, my Hana’i sister and her husband met up with us at Chocolate Box. Chocolate Box re-did their whole space. The last time we visited they had ice cream, pastries, and coffee drinks. They don’t have any of that anymore. Instead, they just serve gourmet sipping chocolate, hot chocolate and wine. If you get the chance, I highly recommend the sipping chocolate with vanilla whipped cream and caramel swirl marshmallows.

Hapa Baby and I celebrate my birthday at Chocolate Box

Hapa Baby and I celebrate my birthday at Chocolate Box

Hapa Baby and D celebrate my birthday at Chocolate Box

Cheesing for the camera

As you can see, my daughter absolutely loved it and they stayed there for a while.  The guys agreed to watch them while my sister, Mom, and I ran to the Fluevog sale. (My husband said since it was my birthday I could go with his blessing).

If you haven’t heard of Fluevog, you’ve been missing out. Fluevog is an amazing store where unicorns and rainbows abound. Okay, maybe not, but they have GORGEOUS footwear that is both comfortable and fanciful. Although I didn’t purchase a shoe from the store that day, I scored a few beautiful ones on eBay and from the Fluemarket in the evening.

Fluevog Soprano Inges that I bought on eBay for my birthday

Fluevog Soprano Inges that I bought on eBay for my birthday

It was the perfect day filled with love and celebration. I couldn’t ask for a better family or a better day (except if my brother and his girlfriend had able to come up from Los Angeles to spend it with me).

A Day at the Apple Orchard

My daughter loves apples. This weekend, we packed her in the car and drove north to a scenic and beautiful apple orchard.

Heading to an orchard

Hapa Baby and Daddy are heading to the orchard. She is on a mission!

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