Buy Nothing New – Rethinking My Values and Myself

Inspired by the Buy Nothing New post by Expat Since Birth I decided to re-think everything my spending habits, my closet, my stuff. Then, I dismissed it thinking I couldn’t participate, but, then, I decided maybe I could, at least partially.

I decided to start by clearing out my closet (and my homes) of items I didn’t need (and no longer fit) by selling some items on Poshmark and donating others. I’m slowly listing things, but you can find my closet here:

Amazingly enough, after going through my closet of things that no longer fit and were “no longer my style” (almost everything), I was at the interesting point where I needed to start shopping for new clothes. I began by shopping at Anthropologie — my go to store. I purchased some things from the sale section and went on my merry way. A few weeks later, I began re-thinking my spending habits. Why am I buying new things? Why can’t I buy second hand? I have no problem taking old clothes from friends or using my mom’s old clothes. Do I really need to buy new? Why?

After a few more days went by, and my thoughts often drifted back to her post, I thought about the reasons I shouldn’t buy new. I object to the treatment of retail workers and garment workers. I’m trying to be more green. I enjoy a good deal, and by buying at a thrift store I’m helping others. I decided to take the plunge and begin buying second hand.

I started off purchasing items on Poshmark, then proceeded to Ebay, and, finally, to Goodwill.  I’m happy to say I’m replenishing my closet with things that fit and that are quality and “me”. I’ve also found quite a few steals!

Yesterday, I took a trip to Goodwill  where I found a pair of Louboutins for $50! I snatched it up along with a new with tags designer wool jumper and a breathtakingly beautiful Rebecca Taylor skirt in a size 4 — items I could never afford new.

I returned the Louboutins, deciding they weren’t really “me”, that they would sit in my now-empty closet and I purchased it for the brand not the style (and it would have bothered me if they weren’t real…). However, I kept the skirt (it was $6! Originally $200!).

But the skirt doesn’t fit my mom pointed out. She suggested I sell it on eBay because I don’t fit it. I agreed and made the listing.


The Rebecca Taylor Skirt in a Size 4 I have decided I will eventually fit.


Last night, however, as I sat looking at the skirt, I asked myself, “Why?” Why don’t I fit it? Why can’t I fit it eventually? I’m working out, I’m eating better, I’m losing weight slowly. I will fit it.”

I made a conscious effort, right there, to dedicate myself to my health. I had been researching for a while the need to eat ” organic whole foods” and give up processed foods and participating with an experimental exercise program, the Post-Natal For the Glow, but last night realized I needed to do more. I needed to rethink my values and myself.

I realized that I had an aversion to thrift shopping because I had never really given it a chance, but by re-thinking this and actually going in and shopping, I found out there was no reason to have this aversion.

I realized that by putting the skirt up for sale I was confirming that I would not lose the weight because I couldn’t lose enough weight to fit it,. When this realization came to me, I knew that my thinking and my beliefs were holding me back, just like it was holding me back from shopping at second-hand stores. So, I decided to find a book that could support my ideas in eating organic whole foods. I found and purchased The Science of Skinny, and read the first few chapters. I almost cried. I could relate to the author on a very real level. I may not have experienced everything she did, but I had felt the turmoil, the embarrassment of being fat, and the helplessness of not being able to overcome it.

I realized after reading the chapter, after buying second hand clothes, and after keeping that skirt, I had started on my way towards re-invention and becoming a better me. I just need to keep on that path.

As I’ve learned from For the Glow, from The Science of Skinny, and that blog post about buying nothing new, I need to live my life better. I need to de-clutter my value system, keeping the ones that I need and replacing others with new values for my health and my life. 


A Day at the Apple Orchard

My daughter loves apples. This weekend, we packed her in the car and drove north to a scenic and beautiful apple orchard.

Heading to an orchard

Hapa Baby and Daddy are heading to the orchard. She is on a mission!

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Heirloom Tomato Sauce with Heirloom Tomato Slices and Swiss Cheese Mini Sandwiches

Summer is here and we are very excited! I love summer because our local Whole Foods has a lot of produce from local farmers.

Since heirloom tomatoes were on sale, I picked up a bunch. But, then, within a few days they started getting overripe! So, I thought quickly and made tomato sauce!


You can find the tomato sauce recipe at Disney Junior’s That’s Fresh. Here’s the recipe:

I substituted heirloom tomatoes for plum tomatoes. We loved it.


For the heirloom tomato slice, Swiss cheese sandwich, here is what I did:


1 large yellow heirloom tomato
Handful of fresh basil leaves
Sliced Swiss cheese
Sliced Italian bread


Wash ingredients thoroughly
Slice tomato
Pluck leaves from the basil stem
Add layer at an angle in the following order, tomato, basil, Swiss cheese
Repeat layers until each tomato slice has basil and Swiss cheese
Drizzle grape seed oil across the layers
Sprinkle salt to taste
Serve with sliced bread on the side

Organic Snacks From Little Duck Organics!

Let me preface this post by saying, we received these snacks for free. However, I was a frequent purchaser of Little Duck Organics long before we received these.  

Hapa Baby loves Little Duck Organics, and so do I. From the moment I saw them at our local Whole Foods, I loved everything about them. I loved their: brightly colored, light-weight, resealable packaging, quirky stories on said packaging (note the No Zombies on the box below), and use of Non GMO produce (they are a certified B Corporation). Hapa Baby and I enjoyed their products so much, I started following them on every channel of their social media!  Imagine my surprise when I saw a post on their Facebook page with my name on it saying they were going to give Hapa Baby and me free snacks!

Let me repeat that. FREE SNACKS. But not just any snacks, HB’s most favorite snacks ever!

Since we saw that post, I began actively checking my mailbox every day for these special treats to arrive. And, a week later, they did.

The following is a series of pictures showing the arrival of the special box of happiness:


What’s inside mom?

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Kat Eats Clean — I’m Starting “For the Glow” to Return to Me

When I was preparing for my wedding, I created a blog: Kat Eats Clean. Kat Eats Clean was a blog that I wrote in to inspire myself to workout, eat clean, and lose weight to fit in my dress. I had some recipes, pictures, and my workout plan. I had reservations on keeping this blog, and continuing to pay for the URL, but I’ve decided that I’m keeping it. I take a look at these posts, these pictures of my food and workouts, and I think to myself, I did that? I should do that again.

A photo from when I ate clean and was healthy. I'd like to be here again.

A photo from when I ate clean and was healthy. I’d like to be here again.

I would like to lose weight. Although I did not write it in my blog, I did reach my goal. People who saw me at my wedding said I looked beautiful in my dress. My aunt-in-law said that I looked the best she’d ever seen me. Granted, I was glowing with happiness, but I think it was also because I was healthy.

I want to be healthy again. This is not a post about “I miss my body before pregnancy.” It’s a post about taking the time to love myself again. For a while, I have focused on HB. HB has been the main source of happiness in my life. HB and DH are my sources of love and support, and I focus all my attention and energy on keeping them happy. It’s time I focus on my own happiness, too. I will never be the mom I want to be unless I am the best I can be. I will be the best I can be. I will do it for HB. I will do it for DH. But, most importantly, I will do it for myself.

My grandmother recently gave me some money to save for a rainy day, to use for whatever trinkets I’d like. I’ve stopped buying items and have saved up to invest in For the Glow. For the Glow is an online fitness and nutrition program — the creator, Jenn, gives hands on support to her clients. She does not create a personalized program for you (although you can pay her to do so, it’s just not included in the plan I purchased), but, she will help you and give you support via email, text, and skype. This was the clincher for me. I need support. I haven’t tried it yet. Truth be told, my membership isn’t even active yet (I just paid for it). But I can’t wait to get started! I’ll let you know how I do!

P.S., I will not post all fitness and diet posts on this blog. It’s not actually a diet blog. I am going to go back to Kat Eats Clean to include info on my daily workout and meals, but on weekends, I will come back to this blog to update my progress and my mental state. After all, this blog is about my mental state as a mom!

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