Winter Maternity Outfit for My Capsule Wardrobe

As I mentioned in my post yesterday,  I tried to make my list, but the maternity wear I originally purchased didn’t fit. I’m hoping my Amelie Micro Collection purchase from PopBasic will work.

Winter Maternity Outfit featuring PopBasic and Fluevogs!

Winter Maternity Outfit featuring PopBasic and Fluevogs! by hapamom featuring Wolford

I’m in love with the dress from the collection and I have the rest of these items in my closet except for the shoes (I’ll be using the Fluevog Red Operetta boots as a replacement).  I’m very excited and think I can definitely use this dress in a multitude of combinations for my pregnant belly!

I’ll be posting a picture and a review of this micro-collection when I receive it.

If you’re interested in the dress, here’s $15 Coupon to Pop Basic if you’re looking to purchase this collection or one in the future. If you use it, both of us will receive $15 towards our purchase. :)

Ended up in L&D on our anniversary

Last night I ended up in the hospital– it was our one year wedding anniversary.

Our doctor had said it was fine for me to be up and about as i seemed to be doing better. So, slowly, I have been getting up and out preparing for junior’s arrival.

My husband took me out for lunch at a beautiful lunch spot overlooking a waterfall. Then, we went and picked out a frame for our honeymoon photo. All seemed well, and I was doing great!

Then, we met my mother and she took us out for dinner. Here is where the trouble started. On our way to the restaurant I started feeling some tightness, but didn’t think anything of it. At dinner, I was doing well, but at the end I started having contractions. The contractions started getting more rhythmic and I was contracting for 50 seconds every 6 minutes. It was time to go to the hospital.

We stayed there from 9:30 pm to 2:30 am. I was so scared. We were sent home with medication. It hasn’t become this bad again, but since then I get contractions whenever I stand. Lucky me! Back on bed rest *sigh*

The Big Question: Cloth or Disposables?

I’ve placed my family on a budget (family meaning my husband and me). We are looking at ways to cut costs, gain savings, pay off some debt, but still not feel like we are missing out on things.  As I started researching around various blogs, the problem of diaper budgeting came up over and over. How expensive are diapers? Expensive.

As a first time mom, I have no idea how expensive diapers are or how they will affect my budget. However, I have a feeling that they are more than I had previously budgeted for because my husband has decided he only wants to purchase expensive whole foods diapers.

So, I began searching for ways to save on diapers while still remaining “green.” Tough. I know.

I’ve come up with cloth diapering.  Cloth diapering looks like a good alternative to disposable diapers, but I have no idea where to start! I’ve done a bit of research. Here is my preliminary search and aa couple of blogs you may want to check out (I know I will be looking at these!):

Places to purchase cloth diapers:

Our little girl is growing! 22 week ultrasound

Yay! Junior is growing up big and strong at 22 weeks and 2 days (although, I secretly suspect she is 23 weeks today). The Doctor said she is “perfect physically”. She is 1 pound 4 ozs and is in the 77 % for limbs, but she’s average for belly. So, Junior takes after her daddy (who’s 6’2) not her mommy (who’s 5’1 and affectionately nicknamed “mini-legs”).  I guess this little girl will be taller than me very soon!

Junior at 22 weeks


Look what big feet she has!

The moment Junior showed off her “big feet” the ultrasound tech told us that we “would not be buying those cute baby shoes” — her feet are ginormous! My knitting friend told me I will have to knit baby booties.

The ultrasound tech said that she couldn’t get an accurate picture because the baby kept moving and that she would be a rascal when she gets out. I thought Uh oh! but my husband was ecstatic. He wants an active child that he can chase around :)

The main reason we went into the hospital yesterday was because of my fibroids. They reviewed them and said they may have gotten smaller (Yay!). But that I grew a few extras. Boo! I’ve been having a lot of pain lately. So, these need to be watched pretty closely. I can’t wait to see what else our little one has in store for us.