Babywearing at the Honolulu Zoo and a review of Kaimuki’s Lion King

A few weeks ago we went to the Honolulu Zoo. I love the zoo because there is an amazing playground and petting zoo for the kids. My daughter was petting the goats while my son road his first slide!
The flamingos and zebras were family favorite. 
It was quite fitting for us to visit the zoo because we had just seen the Lion King at Kaimuki school. If you want to introduce your kids to the theater, the Kaimuki School productions are amazing. They run on donations so you can donate what you can afford to see the play. The students who participate in the productions are top notch and definitely put a lot of work into making sure they know their parts. 
My son and daughter were enthralled. My son, aged 1, sat through the whole play and clapped along to the singing. My daughter, aged 4, loved the colors and the dancing. Next time they have a production, check it out!

Here are some pictures from the zoo:

Toddler Snacking Garden Year 2

Note: This is a sponsored post, I received payment for including the coupon and link below. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.  

It’s that time again — time to start planning a toddler snacking garden for my active, plant loving toddler. Last year’s garden was so successful (toddler-wise) that my daughter will periodically take a look outside to see if it’s time to water our plants. Unfortunately, we started the garden late in the season and some of the plants didn’t grow fruit.

This year, I’m hoping to get a jump start on growing season by planning out what we are going to have and starting some of the seedlings indoors. Also, I learned a lot of other things from last year that I will definitely do differently this year.

Here are some of the things that we learned and will be changing:

  1. Summer Squash: Last year, our squash seedlings did amazingly well but, again, there was no summer squash growing on those vines — I’m planting those babies early.
  2. Tomatoes: We are going to have tomatoes again this season because our tomato plants did really well on our patio, but we will definitely be purchasing a tomato cage to ensure the tomatoes don’t break.
  3. Lettuce: We are going to harvest our lettuce before it gets cold and goes to seed. When the lettuce goes to seed, it gets bitter.
  4. Tomatillos: We will be growing these earlier — there were a ton of flowers, but the weather became way too cold for the plant to grow fruit.
  5. Peppers: Not changing anything! Our peppers grew like crazy and were DELICIOUSLY SPICY! (We made salsa with the peppers and the tomatoes. I was quite proud of myself).
  6. Watering System: We had a great idea to place wine bottles in the individual pots to keep the plants watered when we went on vacation for a week. This worked very well — even during the height of summer! The plants were thriving when we got back, but died because we didn’t water them (or refill the bottles). I’m going to make an effort to make sure that the bottles are filled and the plants are sufficiently watered every day. Here is a link from Dollar Store Mom with how she used the Wine Bottles to water her garden: Water Your Garden with Wine Bottles.

Do you have a toddler snacking garden or are you planning one? Visit Access Hydroponic for garden supplies.  See below for a 10% off coupon code for grow tents at Access Hydroponics.

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Our New Favorite Show: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Hapa Baby LOVES Sheriff Callie — Disney Junior’s new show. We started watching it on the Disney Junior Xfinity app before it got to TV and she can’t get enough of it.

Sherriff Callie is a calico cat who is a brave and thoughtful leader of the wild west. With Sparky, Callie’s special horse, and Peck, her deputy, they get up to some really wacky adventures. At the end of the episode, there is always a lesson to be learned.

Although not necessarily educational, I enjoy watching it with Hapa Baby and listening to her chatter about Callie and Sparky after the show is done. She’s learning new words, and we laugh as she tries to do everything that Callie does.

Hapa Baby’s latest favorite activity is to play “horse like Callie”. She jumps on top of her large fluffy caterpillar and starts to scream,” Yeehaw!” as she maneuvers it back and forth around the floor.

Hapa Baby and I giggle and roll around on the floor as we pretend to be cowgirls and “horsies”. Sometimes D joins in. It’s a great way to get some toddler energy out while just being a little silly.

Here’s our demonstration on how to ride a caterpillar like Callie:

Ride like Sheriff Callie

Jump on the caterpiller

Ride like Sheriff Callie

Grab the Caterpiller by the ears.

Ride like Sheriff Callie


Ride like Sheriff Callie

Hold on tight!

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The Cougar Mountain Zoo is a favorite of ours because it’s not very crowded, has some very interesting animals, and a petting zoo that Hapa Baby loves.

I read in a few reviews that this zoo is extremely small — I’ll agree with this. The zoo is quite small and if you are interested in seeing a larger zoo the Woodland Zoo is the best.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo is charming and fun for toddlers. I used to be in the “it’s too small” camp, but I’ve realized the wisdom of taking Hapa Baby here instead of a larger zoo. She gets to see and explore everything without getting overwhelmed. Although I love the Woodland Zoo, we can’t get see more than one large area because Hapa Baby gets impatient and wants to leave. Not so with the Cougar Mountain Zoo — she can explore all the exhibits to her heart’s content and she loves to run through the petting zoo areas.

At the gate, the people remember us and we purchase $2 apples. Then we say hello to the cougars before heading off to the petting zoo where Hapa Baby feeds the alpacas and runs around.

But, instead of telling you about it, I’ll let you see the fun. Here is a typical day in pictures at the Woodland Zoo.

 Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Hapa Baby loves the zoo. When we visit, we purchase her cups of apples for $2.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She feeds the alligator.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She feeds the Alpacas.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She likes how the Alpacas’ fuzzy mouths tickle her little hands.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She watches the cranes with their beautiful pom poms.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She talks to the wallabies.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

But her real loves are the alpacas.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Especially this guy with funny teeth.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

And she really likes to feed this alligator on her way out of the petting zoo area.

DSC_0252 DSC_0255

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She checks out the Emus.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

And watches the beautiful views.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

She plays hide and seek with Daddy

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Then gets a good look at the tiger getting a good look at her.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The tigers are beautiful. Aren’t they?

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

The Cougar Mountain Zoo even sells Carnivore Poo to keep away pesky predators

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Predators like this guy.

Fun Times at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

More “Zoo Doo” to be sold.

Last, but not least, what was I wearing?


A skirt from Anthropologie, a ruffle scarf from Blooming Vintage, my favorite Kate Spade bag that fits everything and Adriana Nuni Fluevogs! (I should have worn tights, but I couldn’t find them. They would have pulled my outfit together.)

Hapa Baby wore a Gap Pink Puffy Coat, silk skirt from Peek, Mini Boden tights, and pink boots we bought in Brooklyn for a song.


Another peek at the Adriana Nuni Fluevogs

Hapa Baby and Daddy Time – Stay up or go to bed?

Hapa Baby loves her daddy. In fact, her first word was “Daddy.” As an infant, she would wail “Daaaadddyyyy!!!” as she stretched her arms out looking for D. I guess, then, it is not surprising that Hapa Baby will follow D everywhere (and me nowhere). When she’s with her father, her little face lights up and I can tell she’s content. Sometimes I can’t help but feel a teeny bit jealous. Just a teeny bit.


I can’t be too jealous, though, because while I have lots of time with her, D doesn’t. He sometimes gets home late and leaves early. When his mother came to visit earlier this year, she pushed me to change HB’s schedule. “It’s better for her,” she told me,” She needs to sleep earlier.”

When I asked why, there was no answer. Just that “It was better for her.” I responded that until there is a reason for HB to sleep earlier (like preschool), HB will have her own schedule so that she can see her father when he gets home. Although she wasn’t happy with me, my husband was happy. He enjoys having HB up when he gets home so she can run to him as she yells,”Daddy!” He laughs as she runs at him with her arms wide open and a grin on her face. When he gets home, as I prepare dinner, he and HB play together. It’s their father — daughter time — a time that I think is extremely important.

Lately, Hapa Baby has been waking up earlier and going to sleep earlier. It’s been a natural occurrence, and has been her routine. The problem, however, is when D comes home, she’s a sleep. I can see the disappointment in his face that she’s not there to run to him. While it’s more convenient for us that we have our nights free, I feel awful that he gets no time with her.

I’m wondering if I should help her get back to a later schedule so he can see her more. She gets a lot of sleep. If she goes to sleep at 10 instead of 8 she sleeps until 12. If she goes to sleep at 8 she wakes up at 7. I’ve done some research and haven’t found anything that says she has to go to sleep that early. Just that babies need lots of sleep. Can’t she sleep later? She has a schedule, she gets lots of sleep, it’s just later. The most important thing for me is nurturing my husband’s relationship with his daughter. These baby years go by so fast, I don’t want him to miss them.

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