Hapa Baby’s Homemade Halloween Costume – Boo from Monsters Inc.

I wanted this Halloween to be special. Last year, I semi-made Hapa Baby’s Costume. I made her a Minnie Mouse Costume and added a tutu to it. This year, I wanted to make something even better. I wanted to make something entirely homemade. I loved Halloween when I was younger. My aunt, an expert seamstress, would create for us the most amazing costumes. One year I was Snow White, the next, a bunny, and even Rainbow Brite!

As I look back on these costumes, I realize how important these were for me. I would wake up early Halloween morning excited and happy to try on my costume. I wanted this feeling for Hapa Baby. I vowed to learn to sew. Unfortunately, my vow didn’t work out so well. My sewing skills are virtually non-existent, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Armed with Super Glue, Safety Pins, and a Monster’s Inc. Boo Costume Tutorial Blog Post, I created a recognizable Boo costume! Amazingly, as soon as Hapa Baby started toddling around, kids started to shout,” Boo! Boo!” It was a great feeling.

Without further ado, I give you baby Boo.

homemade Boo from Monster's Inc Costume

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A Day at the Apple Orchard

My daughter loves apples. This weekend, we packed her in the car and drove north to a scenic and beautiful apple orchard.

Heading to an orchard

Hapa Baby and Daddy are heading to the orchard. She is on a mission!

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Obsessively Researching Disney — Preparing a Toddler for Disneyland

This post will be the first post in a series over the next few weeks as we prepare for our trip of a lifetime. 

Two weeks ago my husband came home with good news and, to celebrate, he announced that he would take Hapa Baby and me on a vacation. He said I could choose anywhere within reason and within a budget. Immediately I said,”Disney! I want to go to Disney! Hapa Baby must see DISNEY!”

My husband agreed. Hapa Baby must see Disney. When we first started dating, one of our first big trips together was to Disney. My husband, being from Russia, hadn’t been to Disney before. The first time we went, his eyes got big, he got excited and he was like,”Wow!” Then, he turned to me and said,” When we have kids, we will take them to Disneyland.”

Disneyland for the first time

When we visited DIsneyland for the first time, we decided we would bring our child as soon as she could enjoy it

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To Roam or Not To Roam: Should I Helicopter Parent My Child at the Playground?

This evening, D and I discussed how we would like to raise HB. We often butt-heads on this topic because we were raised very differently.  He would like her to go out more, see the world, get socialized. He often tells me that his childhood consisted of roaming free in a little town on the outskirts of Moscow. He would roam the playground with other children his age and get into trouble (he was a little older than HB is now).

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The Great Baby Harness Debate

I know that Baby Harnesses are considered to be a bit of a controversial topic. I recently purchased a baby harness to try for my toddler. I bought it for the following reasons:

  • My toddler is extremely active
  • My toddler has reached her “terrible twos” early and refuses to listen to me
  • I’d rather have my toddler walking than being carried throughout the mall
  • I want her to be able to explore while me feeling safe
  • Children are being grabbed while holding their mothers’ hands. It has happened a couple times in the past few months. <– If not for this I probably would not have purchased one!

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