Short and Sweet Interview: Nicole’s Climb for Cancer


I am pleased to introduce a very fun, intelligent and good-hearted woman I met at a volunteer event a few months ago. Nicole’s bubbly personality combined with her dedication to the Climb for Cancer are an inspiration. I believe in her cause, breast cancer has affected my friends and family, I knew I had to help. I helped her set up her blog, Nicole’s Cancer Climb, and Facebook page, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to help her get the word out about this important cause. I asked her if she could answer a few questions for my readers and she graciously accepted. Without further ado, here is Nicole:

1. How did you learn about Climb to Fight Breast Cancer?

I know it sounds a little lackluster, but I actually searched it out. I stare at Mount Rainier every day that it’s clear here in Seattle and wanted to climb. I also have supported Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for a while. So when I looked up climbing Mount Rainier on the Internet, I found Climb to Fight Breast Cancer and realized I could use my climb to raise funds for a great cause.

2. What inspired you to join?

Climb to Fight Breast Cancer was having a talk shortly after I learned about its mission at REI. I went in just open to the idea, but not sold that I could climb a mountain much less raise funds in a short period of time. Seeing photos of the peaks and learning about the sheer physical challenge of climbing really convinced me I wanted to climb. But it was when the speaker said that 1 in 8 women would face breast cancer in her lifetime that I decided I wanted to join the cause.

3. How close are you to your goal?

As of today, I am over 60% towards the goal of raising $5,000! It has been incredible to see people show up to support cancer research and really moving to hear ‘thank you’ from survivors who take this as a support of their struggle.

4. What advice would you give someone who is planning to participate?

I would encourage anyone thinking about participating to attend one of Climb to Fight Breast Cancer’s talks. They always feature someone who is a veteran at climbing and if you have any nerves or doubts about your ability to make the climb, their expertise is very comforting. If timing doesn’t work out to attend something in person, the staff are really very resourceful and accessible and have always been very responsive with phone calls and emails.

For more information on Nicole’s Climb for Cancer and how you can help, please visit her blog at: Nicole’s Cancer Climb

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