Mother Daughter Fall Outfits

Mother Daughter Fall Outfits

Obsessively Researching Disney — Preparing a Toddler for Disneyland

This post will be the first post in a series over the next few weeks as we prepare for our trip of a lifetime. 

Two weeks ago my husband came home with good news and, to celebrate, he announced that he would take Hapa Baby and me on a vacation. He said I could choose anywhere within reason and within a budget. Immediately I said,”Disney! I want to go to Disney! Hapa Baby¬†must see DISNEY!”

My husband agreed. Hapa Baby must see Disney. When we first started dating, one of our first big trips together was to Disney. My husband, being from Russia, hadn’t been to Disney before. The first time we went, his eyes got big, he got excited and he was like,”Wow!” Then, he turned to me and said,” When we have kids, we will take them to Disneyland.”

Disneyland for the first time

When we visited DIsneyland for the first time, we decided we would bring our child as soon as she could enjoy it

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Mother Daughter Outfits for Fall in Jacquard and Silk

Mother Daughter Jacquard and Silk

Yves Saint Laurent silk blouse
$1,320 -

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

This is the sister post to the Chuck E. Cheese post. I realized I didn’t share her park day!

Hapa Baby wanted to enjoy the last days of summer. In the Northwest, it can get pretty muggy so I have been taking her to explore as many parks as possible. Hapa Baby absolutely loves it. She just wants to run! NOTE: If you want your child to sleep well at night, take them out to a park and let them run for hours. Hapa Baby couldn’t keep her little eyes open!

last days of summer

Heading towards the water!

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Hapa Baby having fun at Chuck E. Cheese

It was Hapa Baby’s half year birthday and D wanted to do something special. He wanted Olive Garden, I wanted Rain Forest Cafe. We settled on Chuck E. Cheese — and she loved it!

Because I knew that she was going to be eating badly, I made sure she ate well before hand. I gave her baby cucumbers, Little Duck Organics (I love Little Duck Organics!), and some PBJ to fill her up. She had a few bites of pizza, but she was pretty full and just wanted to play!

Hapa Baby and Chinese Grandma

Grandma and Hapa Baby are happy to be celebrating

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