Children’s Fashion on a Budget

After posting in this blog (mostly) regularly for more than six months, I have realized that I love writing about children’s fashion and posting pictures of my daughter in really cute outfits.

Although it may look like her wardrobe is expensive, my favorite part of shopping for her is in the sale. I often purchase clothes for her off eBay or on a very deep sale. I do purchase full price once in a while  I can only recall buying full price once) if the quality is amazing, I know that it will be a wardrobe staple for at least 6 months and she wears it often — like at least once a week. I purchase shirts that fit her like tunics with tights then, when she gets taller, she wears it as a shirt.

I buy when a season is over and prepare for the next year. You can often find amazing deals on the clearance racks at Nordstrom or on the designer websites. I’ve noticed that classic children’s pieces don’t change much from year to year. Classic is always in style — one reason why I love Liberty of London so much!

funny faces

I love my grandma!

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20 thoughts on “Children’s Fashion on a Budget

    • Thanks, Charlotte! :) Yes, I’m learning how to budget and I’m very careful with what I purchase and am always looking for bargains online too! I find that sometimes I can buy something new on a really good sale price for cheaper than I can purchase it on ebay or at a consignment store!

  1. I like buying very inexpensive clothes too. When I get the clothes I usually add or redesign the piece of clothing. My mom used to be a seamstress and I learned a lot from her growing up, so now all my kids get cool, but very inexpensive clothes.

  2. Classic doesn’t really change much year after a year. They don’t even get old, they may never be in the fad, nor an everyday fashion, but rest assured that no one will criticize you wearing classics. Thanks for the good read Kat!


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