Hapa Baby’s Day Out

HB and I went out today. This is HUGE for us because I don’t leave the house often. Mostly for the following reasons: 1) I don’t want to spend money (I get tempted easily) 2) I try to limit HB’s interaction with germs (she eats/touches everything!) 3) I don’t want to waste gas (see above) 4) HB is a pain to get into her carseat (this is honestly the biggest reason) But, today, I needed groceries and I was tired of wandering around the house in my nightgown like a crazy woman. 

So, out we went. My mom had to go to work, so I dropped her off first. Then I headed out to run my errands. I spent almost half of my grocery budget in under an hour at the grocery store! (This is why I don’t leave the house.) 
After that large blow, I finished up the rest of my errands. HB was happily snoozing in the back, but I had a treat for her. Today, I was going to take her to the indoor playground do she could meet other kids. I was so excited! I’m sure she would have been too, but she was sleeping and unaware of my awesome plans.

We got there and woah. The place was PACKED. It was germ heaven. 

Watching the kids run back and forth, I almost lost my nerve, but I held fast. HB needs to be exposed sometime. It might as well be now. She had a blast! HB was running, climbing and shrieking with joy. Yes, shrieking. I’ve never seen my child so inexplicably happy that she would run shrieking, but she did. If she gets sick (and I’m almost sure she will, that place was a petri dish of germs!) she will be shrieking for an entirely different reason… But on to the pictures of the happiest HB ever!!
Rock climbing

Prairie dog pose

Captain of the plastic ship

Cooling down with some Blissberri.

It was the perfect Saturday afternoon. And, in case you’re wondering about the dress…
Harper Beckham wore the same one! It’s from Marie Chantal. It was a Christmas present from my mother:


The turtleneck and tights, however, I purchased for $7 from Target on Clearance. 



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