Hapa Baby’s Homemade Halloween Costume – Boo from Monsters Inc.

I wanted this Halloween to be special. Last year, I semi-made Hapa Baby’s Costume. I made her a Minnie Mouse Costume and added a tutu to it. This year, I wanted to make something even better. I wanted to make something entirely homemade. I loved Halloween when I was younger. My aunt, an expert seamstress, would create for us the most amazing costumes. One year I was Snow White, the next, a bunny, and even Rainbow Brite!

As I look back on these costumes, I realize how important these were for me. I would wake up early Halloween morning excited and happy to try on my costume. I wanted this feeling for Hapa Baby. I vowed to learn to sew. Unfortunately, my vow didn’t work out so well. My sewing skills are virtually non-existent, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Armed with Super Glue, Safety Pins, and a Monster’s Inc. Boo Costume Tutorial Blog Post, I created a recognizable Boo costume! Amazingly, as soon as Hapa Baby started toddling around, kids started to shout,” Boo! Boo!” It was a great feeling.

Without further ado, I give you baby Boo.

homemade Boo from Monster's Inc Costume

Boo and Daddy

Boo and Daddy pose for a picture.

happy family

Boo wandering with her mommy and daddy


Boo and Balloon

Boo wanders with her balloon. Her hood was a little big

Boo is better

Much better!

Boo loves balloons

Boo loves balloons!

Boo is hungry

Boo is hungry.

no fries for boo

Boo is not impressed by the fry. She would like some organic meat, please.

boo on healthy eating

Boo lectures daddy on healthy eating. Daddy listens intently.

boo lecture continues

Her lecture continues.

Boo meets a witch

Boo meets a witch.

boo on a haystack

Boo needed a rest. She sat on some hay.

Why do i have four eyeballs

What is this? Is this my eyeball? Why do I have four?

Boo poses with grandma

Boo and grandma pose for a photo

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