It’s crochet/knitting season!

I’m so excited! It’s knitting/crocheting season! I know you can crochet and knit during all seasons, but, for me, I love knitting during fall. In the Northwest there is a lot of rain during the fall months, so I treasure the summer days. At the end, though, I’m excited for fall to start — I can only take so much sun!

Here is a crochet vest we made last year for Hapa Baby! It still fits! And it keeps her cozy and warm. I’ll soon be posting more creations soon!


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4 thoughts on “It’s crochet/knitting season!

  1. What a wonderful reminder in that sweet pink vest! I don’t make time for knitting or crocheting in the warmer months. You’re right! There is just something about a cool evening and a ball of yarn in your lap.
    Now where is that storage container with all of my projects? :)
    I look forward to seeing your creations!
    Karen Hoyt
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    • I hope you find the storage container with your projects! (I need to find mine too!) :)

      A cool evening with a ball of yarn helps me de-stress. Although yarn and summer are just too hot. hehe.

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