Learning another language: Revisited

DH and I often have this conversation, should we teach HB a different language? Or should she speak English only? I am big advocate of HB learning Russian and Spanish — even if my Russian and Spanish skills aren’t perfect, at least she will learn the basics.

I explained to DH that he should teach HB Russian and, through watching him and her, I would become better at it. DH does not agree with this line of thinking. He told me that it would be “too difficult” for me to become fluent in Russian by just watching and he felt uncomfortable speaking to HB in Russian if I can’t fully understand.

I reminded him that I studied Russian in college and I pick up more of the language than he thinks. Still, no. He doesn’t agree.

For families with children growing up in a multicultural family (or anyone, really) what do you think about this situation? How would you teach your child a different language?

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4 thoughts on “Learning another language: Revisited

  1. If we would have had a Spanish Immersion school near us, I would have sent my boys to it. I think learning another language is very important. In their current school, they will learn the basics of another language but they probably won’t be fluent. I’m looking into finding an outside program where they can learn another language. I’m even thinking of sign language.
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    • Thank you for your insight, Dawn! I agree that another language is important. I’m going to work on getting DH on board :-p

  2. i studied Chinese by listening to people in China. I am also haven’t been consistent with my own daughter in Russian hence now she doesn’t speak much. My husband always tells me i should speak more Russian to our kids this way he can pick up more (it’s true – he figured out body parts and some action verbs on his own). So good luck with introducing more languages to your girl! Even if she won’t be fluent it’s good for her brain development and intellect.
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    • Thank you for the encouragement, Varya! Yes! I agree! We don’t need to be fluent, even if we know just a little, it would be enough. Hope you are well!

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