Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: I finally understand

When I was younger, I hadn’t really thought much about keeping the earth safe. Or about the quality of life of livestock. Or even about the sustainability of fish. When I was younger, not a lot of things seemed to bother me. My parents weren’t very “green” and they didn’t believe in “organic” or even recycling. I guess, you could say, we were living pretty obliviously — making trash and eating any and all types of meat and fish.

When I met DH, he told me I should move towards purchasing only humanely raised meat. I laughed at him. I told him that he ate at Denny’s all the time! How could he expect me to spend so much more money on meat that’s humanely raised when he ate a lot of crap? Wasn’t I better than him? That’s when he gave me an article about how badly animals are treated. I stopped eating meat for 4 months. It was pretty difficult — especially since my parents are HUGE meat eaters, but I did it.

I lapsed back into eating meat, but when I started again, I tried to only eat humanely raised, organic meats. Sometimes, I get upset about eating meat and go vegan. I go through my phases. Some months vegan, some months omnivore. But when I am an omnivore, I try to eat as little meat as possible and have introduced meatless days to our household.

When I moved in with my husband, then boyfriend, he told me that I should start recycling and living “greener.” To this, I laughed again. There’s no way! I’ve already started eating humanely raised meat, now you want me to recycle too? That’s craziness!

I carried on this way, I hate to admit, until I gave birth to HB. As soon as I looked into HB’s little grey eyes, I knew that I had to change — I understood what my husband had been trying to tell me when we first started dating. I needed to recycle, I needed to live “greener.” I needed to do these things because I want HB to live in the beautiful world we live in now. I don’t want her to live in a world of landfills. I want her to live in an area with clean air and green trees. I want there to be rainforests and funny looking animals for her to research and learn about. I want her to dream about one day seeing these things for herself.

As I l watch at HB running in a park or turning her sweet face towards the sun and smiling, I think about how important our world is… and I want to stop contributing to its destruction.

For this reason, I’ve been moving towards green cleaners (see my scented vinegar recipe post), I’ve stopped complaining about DH buying toilet paper made out of recycled materials (it feels like sandpaper and costs more), and I’m moving towards cloth diapers for HB. But, I feel like there is much, much more I could do.

Here are a few links I found about living a green lifestyle that seem to be quite helpful:

What are you doing to be more green? What was the catalyst for you to start your green journey? For someone like me trying to move towards a greener lifestyle, what would you suggest?

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