March Multilingual Carnival: How Immersion Programs Can Help with Both Language and Culture

Hello, everyone!

I am pleased and excited to be hosting The Piri Piri Lexicon’s Multilingual Carnival this month!

March Multilingual Carnival Exploring Immersion Programs

March Multilingual Carnival Exploring Immersion Programs

This month we are exploring immersion programs and experiences of multilingual bloggers with the program. I had a relatively broad question for our members: This month our theme is learning language through immersion programs. Immersion programs may include dance programs, summer programs, after school programs, educational abroad programs, and many others! I would like to take a look this month into how these programs can help both culture and language. Have you or your children participated? 

The responses are detailed, descriptive and create a wonderful look into how important immersion programs can be.

On Organizing an Immersion Program

Sarah from Baby Bilingual wrote a three part series about teaching a French immersion camp. In the first part of her series, she discusses what not to do when you are organizing a French immersion class. The post is a humorous journey through Sarah’s experience. The second part of the series continues and expands upon this experience, and the third part explains how she pulled it all together.

On How Immersion Visits Can Help with Both Language and Culture:

Jeanne from Soul Travelers 3 writes about their immersion visit to China. She explains that “[i]f you want to be fluent in Mandarin, an immersion visit to China is very important.” In the post, she explains the steps she took to make the trip a success.

Lynn from Open Hearts, Open Minds shared her son’s various immersion experiences – it’s an informative and helpful read for parents who are interested in having their children attend an immersive preschool.

Frances from Discovering the World Through My Sons Eyes writes about her son’s first Spanish immersion trip to Puerto Rico. She explains that they had been to Puerto Rico many times before, but this was the first trip that her son was fully immersed in the language. For more experiences with immersion and immersion programs, Frances also wrote about her experiences with a Spanish immersion playdate, their journey into Spanish immersion classes, and her son’s Spanish immersion graduation.

Audrey from Bilingue Babies shares her own experiences with an immersion program and how it helped her language skills “soar.” She is hoping that her own children will have their own immersion experiences soon to help give them an extra “push”.

Becky from Kid World Citizen wrote about her family’s decision to take a summer abroad in Mexico to improve their Spanish. The trip was a success and helped her children improve their Spanish and their self-confidence.

On Moving Overseas:

Amanda of Maroc Mama moved to her husband’s home country of Morocco so that her boys could become fluent in Arabic and French. She explains in her post on Mutlicultural Kid Blogs that, after seven months, their decision has paid off and believes even though it hasn’t always been easy, the value of being tri-lingual outweighs the struggles that they are facing.

Maria from Trilingual Mama writes about how she helps her children maintain being fluent in three languages. In this post, she shares her son’s enthusiasm for being fluent and nurturing the enthusiasm through immersion trips.

The Benefits of Bilingualism Through Second-Language Immersion Programs

Julie from Open Wide the World explored the cognitive benefits of learning a second language through an immersion program rather than through home or community. The post is interesting and, if you’ve been playing with the idea of a second-language immersion prgram, may help you decide to give an immersion program a try! 

I hope these posts from multilingual bloggers inspire and assist you in your decision to try an immersion program. These women are amazing and I highly recommend following their blogs and experiences! The next multilingual carnival will be hosted by Adrianna of Homeschool Ways — she will be exploring teaching reading. If you would like to participate, host, or read more visit The Piri Piri Lexicon’s Raising Multilingual Children Blogging Carnival page.

P.S., As this post is long, I am going to post my own experiences with immersion programs some time in the next few days.

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  1. Oh wow…this was a very interesting post and I wish I had been introduced to the Spanish language at a younger age – younger brains really soak in the info. I had taken 6 years of Spanish in middle and high school, and when I went to college, I lived 3 years in a Spanish-speaking, on-campus house. I learned a great deal living there from different foods, cultural differences, and language – especially when you have a roommate who watches novellas (Spanish soaps) and housemates who play a lot of different music.
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