Obsessively Researching Disney — Preparing a Toddler for Disneyland

This post will be the first post in a series over the next few weeks as we prepare for our trip of a lifetime. 

Two weeks ago my husband came home with good news and, to celebrate, he announced that he would take Hapa Baby and me on a vacation. He said I could choose anywhere within reason and within a budget. Immediately I said,”Disney! I want to go to Disney! Hapa Baby must see DISNEY!”

My husband agreed. Hapa Baby must see Disney. When we first started dating, one of our first big trips together was to Disney. My husband, being from Russia, hadn’t been to Disney before. The first time we went, his eyes got big, he got excited and he was like,”Wow!” Then, he turned to me and said,” When we have kids, we will take them to Disneyland.”

Disneyland for the first time

When we visited DIsneyland for the first time, we decided we would bring our child as soon as she could enjoy it

And, now, we have a child. And she will be going! We started preparing Hapa Baby by introducing her to Mickey Mouse early on. When she was six months old, we visited Hawaii. There, we visited the Aulani for breakfast and she met Mickey for the first time. She also got a picture riding a Stitch. (I will post a picture of that when I find it).

For Halloween, we dressed her as Disney characters.

baby minnie

Hapa Baby and I were dressed as Minnie for her first halloween

goofy and baby minnie

D dressed up as goofy and Hapa Baby as Minnie

baby dressed as minnie for halloween

I dressed up Hapa Baby as Minnie for her first Halloween. i added on a homemade pink tutu for extra oomph

Finally, when Hapa Baby turned 14 months, we subscribed to Disney Junior. Hapa Baby watches Disney Junior while I work from home. When I am finished working, she is finished watching. She loves Minnie’s Bowtique and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and can identify Mickey and Minnie.

When I started researching Disney for toddlers, she sat on my lap as I planned. I showed her pictures of children with Mickey Mouse. She started pointing at Mickey saying,”Mickey! Mickey!” and getting really excited. When I ask her,”Hapa Baby, do you want to go see Mickey Mouse?” She breaks out into smiles, starts nodding and says,” Mickey! I see Mickey!”

Hapa Baby is prepared. But are we? I’m continuing my planning, but if you have any tips on how to plan an itinerary for Disneyland with a toddler, please post them in the comments below!

Here’s my short list of what I did (and am doing) to prepare:

  • Introduce Hapa Baby to Mickey at 6 months of age (on her first birthday, we introduced her to a frog in costume and she was ecstatic! She jumped up and down every time the costumed frog got close).
  • Dressed her as Minnie (she didn’t need this to prepare, but she was so darn cute!)
  • Allow her to watch Disney shows when I work (and read to her Minnie & Mickey books)
  • Gave her Mickey and Minnie toys
  • Allow her to sit on my lap as I plan our trip and show her other children with Mickey and Minnie

NOTE: These may not work for your toddler, and I’m still not sure if they are working, but I will report back after our trip and let you know!

P.S., Hapa Baby is wearing Organic Cotton Minnie Bodysuit with Hanna Andersson black tights and a homemade tutu with ribbon waistband that I made for her.



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