Organic Snacks From Little Duck Organics!

Let me preface this post by saying, we received these snacks for free. However, I was a frequent purchaser of Little Duck Organics long before we received these.  

Hapa Baby loves Little Duck Organics, and so do I. From the moment I saw them at our local Whole Foods, I loved everything about them. I loved their: brightly colored, light-weight, resealable packaging, quirky stories on said packaging (note the No Zombies on the box below), and use of Non GMO produce (they are a certified B Corporation). Hapa Baby and I enjoyed their products so much, I started following them on every channel of their social media!  Imagine my surprise when I saw a post on their Facebook page with my name on it saying they were going to give Hapa Baby and me free snacks!

Let me repeat that. FREE SNACKS. But not just any snacks, HB’s most favorite snacks ever!

Since we saw that post, I began actively checking my mailbox every day for these special treats to arrive. And, a week later, they did.

The following is a series of pictures showing the arrival of the special box of happiness:


What’s inside mom?


Happiness in a Little Duck Organics Box


It’s open! Quick! Grab the snacks!


A Note About Little Duck Organics

As you may have seen in my post about Cambridge Satchel Company, I am a supporter of companies with great stories, and Little Duck Organics has an amazing one. LDO  started in a Brooklyn basement by a dad who wanted to have fruit snack products low in sugar. He saw that there was a niche that needed to be filled, and he decided to create “a brand better than anything on the market.” After tasting their treats and engaging with them on Twitter and Facebook, I have to say that they are definitely one of the best!

Links for the Little Duck Organics Story

P.S., I am using Little Duck Organics and Happy Family snacks as rewards for potty training. HB is enjoying this method and went 7 hours without an accident!

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