Toddler Snacking Garden Year 2

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It’s that time again — time to start planning a toddler snacking garden for my active, plant loving toddler. Last year’s garden was so successful (toddler-wise) that my daughter will periodically take a look outside to see if it’s time to water our plants. Unfortunately, we started the garden late in the season and some of the plants didn’t grow fruit.

This year, I’m hoping to get a jump start on growing season by planning out what we are going to have and starting some of the seedlings indoors. Also, I learned a lot of other things from last year that I will definitely do differently this year.

Here are some of the things that we learned and will be changing:

  1. Summer Squash: Last year, our squash seedlings did amazingly well but, again, there was no summer squash growing on those vines — I’m planting those babies early.
  2. Tomatoes: We are going to have tomatoes again this season because our tomato plants did really well on our patio, but we will definitely be purchasing a tomato cage to ensure the tomatoes don’t break.
  3. Lettuce: We are going to harvest our lettuce before it gets cold and goes to seed. When the lettuce goes to seed, it gets bitter.
  4. Tomatillos: We will be growing these earlier — there were a ton of flowers, but the weather became way too cold for the plant to grow fruit.
  5. Peppers: Not changing anything! Our peppers grew like crazy and were DELICIOUSLY SPICY! (We made salsa with the peppers and the tomatoes. I was quite proud of myself).
  6. Watering System: We had a great idea to place wine bottles in the individual pots to keep the plants watered when we went on vacation for a week. This worked very well — even during the height of summer! The plants were thriving when we got back, but died because we didn’t water them (or refill the bottles). I’m going to make an effort to make sure that the bottles are filled and the plants are sufficiently watered every day. Here is a link from Dollar Store Mom with how she used the Wine Bottles to water her garden: Water Your Garden with Wine Bottles.

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