Google Reader is being discontinued. What do I do now?

As many of you know, Google is discontinuing Google Reader on July 1 as part of a “spring cleaning.” In order to avoid interruptions in reading your favorite blogs, it’s time to start considering alternative RSS reader options.

I highly recommend Bloglovin. It’s a blogging tool that allows you to add your blog to a blogging list, find blogs that are interesting, and follow blogs. It’s also very easy to import your Google Reader list onto the Bloglovin platform.

Here is a link with instructions:

Moving from Google Reader to Bloglovin

If you are looking for a reader that isn’t just for your blog list, take a look at this detailed list of 5 readers from TechRepublic: You have choices in the aftermath of Google Reader’s demise

NOTE: Import your list before July 1, 2013 or you may lose your feeds.

SECOND NOTE: I tried to test out Old Reader. It was pretty good, but there is no “automatic” plugin. You have to download your Google Reader info, then upload it onto Old Reader — needs more technical skills for the import than just point and click.

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