Webby Wednesdays: The Importance of Being Yourself

When you create your social media strategy, you should start thinking about who and what your brand is. On social media, the best strategy is to treat your brand as a person. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you or who is your brand?
  • What drives you/ your brand?
  • What is important to you/your brand?
  • Who do you admire? Who does your brand admire?
  • What type of person are you? What type of person is your brand? (Example: are you a tea drinker? A hipster? An activist? Is your brand?)

There are many other questions you can ask yourself. Have fun with it. Imagine yourself talking to your brand, what would it look like? Be like? What are its preferences? By asking these questions, you can start to flesh out your social media experience.

Essentially, for bloggers, their brand is almost always themselves. Who they are. Their authentic selves. People want to know you, they want to feel that you understand them. Share with your audience or potential audience. Share funny stories, heartfelt stories, show them that you are human. Respond to their stories with empathy and authenticity.

I once created an inauthentic blog. In that blog, I wrote without feeling, it read like a very bland text book. You know what? That blog didn’t get anywhere. No one visited me. Well, some trolls did. It was very disheartening. Then, I wrote another blog. A blog where I poured my heart out, every ache and pain, every triumph. That blog got attention. I, unfortunately, removed it during law school fearing the material was too raw, but I should have kept it. It was a true portrayal of myself. It could have shown growth. I understand that now.

Right now, I’m reading Renegades Write the Rules: How Digital Royalty Use Social Media to Innovate. I highly recommend this book. I’m not finished reading it yet, but the most important takeaway I’ve had so far is be yourself. 

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