Hapa Baby Loves Spicy Food

My mother in law is adamantly against HB eating spicy food because she says it will give her food allergies. I’m not sure whether she will get food allergies or not, but HB loves spicy food. I try to keep her away from it. I really do, but when she’s reaching and asking for it, sometimes I give her a taste. She loves it. Her eyes pop open, she smiles, and she reaches for more.

When I was pregnant with HB, I craved Sichuan food like crazy. I had to eat it constantly until we read that spicy food can cause preterm labor. That’s when I stopped. But as soon as HB was born, I was back to eating spicy food. Maybe the spice went through the milk, maybe it went through the placenta, I’m not sure, but it seems that this baby craves spice just as much as I do.

Hapa Baby drinking soup with a little spice

The soup in this picture has just a little bit of spice. It was called “Sizzling Rice Soup,” but it was really just chicken broth, crispy rice, and a hint of white pepper.

For those that are interested whether or not their child can eat spicy food, I haven’t found anything that said babies can’t eat it. In fact, after a baby turns one year, it is encouraged to introduce new foods to their diet. In many cultures, the babies eat what the mother is eating and there is no separate “baby” food. I agree with this, but, in the interest of being careful, we are introducing spicy foods slowly.

If you’d like to research whether your child can eat spicy food or not, here are a few articles to get you started:

P.S., I am not a doctor. I do not have a medical opinion. Before feeding your child spicy food, please talk to your healthcare professional. 



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