Hapa Baby’s Homemade Halloween Costume – Boo from Monsters Inc.

I wanted this Halloween to be special. Last year, I semi-made Hapa Baby’s Costume. I made her a Minnie Mouse Costume and added a tutu to it. This year, I wanted to make something even better. I wanted to make something entirely homemade. I loved Halloween when I was younger. My aunt, an expert seamstress, would create for us the most amazing costumes. One year I was Snow White, the next, a bunny, and even Rainbow Brite!

As I look back on these costumes, I realize how important these were for me. I would wake up early Halloween morning excited and happy to try on my costume. I wanted this feeling for Hapa Baby. I vowed to learn to sew. Unfortunately, my vow didn’t work out so well. My sewing skills are virtually non-existent, but where there’s a will there’s a way! Armed with Super Glue, Safety Pins, and a Monster’s Inc. Boo Costume Tutorial Blog Post, I created a recognizable Boo costume! Amazingly, as soon as Hapa Baby started toddling around, kids started to shout,” Boo! Boo!” It was a great feeling.

Without further ado, I give you baby Boo.

homemade Boo from Monster's Inc Costume

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