A Fashion Blog for the Post Baby Body Mom

Last night, I spent the better part of an hour searching for Fashionable Mom blogs I could relate to. You know, a fashionable mom blog that is right between the thin and beautiful moms and the curvaceous and gorgeous plus sized bloggers? A mom between the size of 12 to 14? Although 14 is the average size of the American woman, according to an article by Cleveland.com, it is not the most purchased size. Nor, is it the most blogged about size — it seems the moms who were once 8-10, but now a size 14, don’t post about fashion while they are a 14. Perhaps they were, like me, trying to lose weight to get back to the 8-10 before they start blogging again.

Mom in J.Jill

Where’d all the 12-14′s go?

Perhaps, like the women in the article, they are refusing to buy new clothes until they get back to their 8-10. Thus, no fashion for that period?  I don’t know. But, I feel like I am doing myself a disservice by waiting to “get skinny” or back to my “post baby body” before I start dressing the way I want to dress and feeling back to “me”. So, I am going to start posting  my fashion choices and how I am making an effort to love myself in the body that I am in (even if I plan to lose the baby weight, who knows when that will happen?).

Mom in J. Jill

For my post baby fashion, I’ve found that J. Jill is great for comfort, but I’m also expanding my horizons to Madewell, J.Crew, and Express

I’ll try to show my fashion choices after baby and explain how my style has evolved – the fit, the requirements, the usefulness.

In essence, along with posting pictures of Hapa Baby, I will also post pictures of myself, Hapa Mom.

NOTE: If you would like to read the article by Cleveland.com, here it is:  Size 14 is average American woman’s size, but not the average shopper’s: Kim Crow

P.S. If you know of a Mom Fashion Blog that has fashion for sizes between 12-14, could you please post it in my comments? I would love to get fashion ideas from other moms! I do love all the fashion blogs I have found so far on both sides of the spectrum, but am looking for ways to best dress my current body type (size 12-14).

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