Kat Eats Clean — I’m Starting “For the Glow” to Return to Me

When I was preparing for my wedding, I created a blog: Kat Eats Clean. Kat Eats Clean was a blog that I wrote in to inspire myself to workout, eat clean, and lose weight to fit in my dress. I had some recipes, pictures, and my workout plan. I had reservations on keeping this blog, and continuing to pay for the URL, but I’ve decided that I’m keeping it. I take a look at these posts, these pictures of my food and workouts, and I think to myself, I did that? I should do that again.

A photo from when I ate clean and was healthy. I'd like to be here again.

A photo from when I ate clean and was healthy. I’d like to be here again.

I would like to lose weight. Although I did not write it in my blog, I did reach my goal. People who saw me at my wedding said I looked beautiful in my dress. My aunt-in-law said that I looked the best she’d ever seen me. Granted, I was glowing with happiness, but I think it was also because I was healthy.

I want to be healthy again. This is not a post about “I miss my body before pregnancy.” It’s a post about taking the time to love myself again. For a while, I have focused on HB. HB has been the main source of happiness in my life. HB and DH are my sources of love and support, and I focus all my attention and energy on keeping them happy. It’s time I focus on my own happiness, too. I will never be the mom I want to be unless I am the best I can be. I will be the best I can be. I will do it for HB. I will do it for DH. But, most importantly, I will do it for myself.

My grandmother recently gave me some money to save for a rainy day, to use for whatever trinkets I’d like. I’ve stopped buying items and have saved up to invest in For the Glow. For the Glow is an online fitness and nutrition program — the creator, Jenn, gives hands on support to her clients. She does not create a personalized program for you (although you can pay her to do so, it’s just not included in the plan I purchased), but, she will help you and give you support via email, text, and skype. This was the clincher for me. I need support. I haven’t tried it yet. Truth be told, my membership isn’t even active yet (I just paid for it). But I can’t wait to get started! I’ll let you know how I do!

P.S., I will not post all fitness and diet posts on this blog. It’s not actually a diet blog. I am going to go back to Kat Eats Clean to include info on my daily workout and meals, but on weekends, I will come back to this blog to update my progress and my mental state. After all, this blog is about my mental state as a mom!

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