Holiday Maternity Mother Daughter Outfit Thanksgiving

I love light colors on children — especially baby girls. This Marie-Chantal dress is pricey and you may be able to find an alternative, but I wanted to give you an idea of a sweet and elegant Thanksgiving Holiday Mother – Daughter outfit. I’ll be watching this dress and hoping it goes on sale for next year but, then, it won’t work with the maternity dress. Good thing the dress isn’t super maternity-ish and with the right accessories you can wear it while pregnant and the year after!

Holiday Mother Daughter Maternity Style


Mother Daughter Holiday Outfits – Pink Sparkle Dresses

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Christmas is almost here and, besides being a time for giving,  it’s also a time for Christmas parties and Santa pictures!

I always try to dress like my daughter when we take Christmas pictures. (Who am I kidding? I try to dress like my daughter whenever I can find an age appropriate matching outfit, but Christmas is a must.) So, I have been on the lookout for a dress that will match my daughter’s adorable pink and gold Peek Kids Dress (actually a tunic, but it fits her like a dress).

Peek Kid's Pink and Gold Tunic

Hapa Baby’s Holiday Dress

I think I finally found it — the Parallel Sparkle Dress from Mod Cloth.

Parallel Sparkling Dress from ModCloth

It isn’t a perfect match, but I think it will do just nicely, don’t you? Here’s another image with the two together.

Mother Daughter Holiday Outfits - Pink and Gold Holiday Dresses
Parallel Sparkling Dress by Modcloth 
Do you have a holiday outfit planned yet? I’d love to see what you are wearing!

Mother Daughter Holiday Outfits in Blue Featuring Neyla Dress Worn in New Girl

I’ll admit it. I love Zooey Deschanel and her clothes on New Girl. She has a really great wardrobe! So, when I found saw this Neyla Dress on Modcloth that Zooey Deschanel wore on New Girl, I had to make it into a Mother Daughter Outfit.

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Mother Daughter Holiday Outfits

                              Mother Daughter Holiday Outfits by hapamom featuring round toe pumps

Mother Daughter Fall Outfits in Grey

Mother Daughter Fall Outfits in Grey

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