Visiting the Rivet and Sway New Collection

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Last week my sister, mom, and I visited the Rivet & Sway offices to test out the New Rivet and Sway Collection because they just released sunglasses, and I’ve been looking to purchase a pair. I snapped a few photos of the event and the glasses we ended up getting!

New Rivet and Sway Collection

New Rivet & Sway Chelsea Hall Collection

More frames from the Rivet and Sway Collection

More frames from the Rivet & Sway collection

The Rivet and Sway Pricing Sheet

The Rivet & Sway Pricing Sheet

Rivet & Sway's Sale Wall

Rivet & Sway’s Sale Wall

Mom Modelling the Rivet and Sway Rizzos

Mom modeling the Rivet & Sway Rizzo’s

Our New Rivet and Sway Glasses!

Wearing our new glasses! (Left to Right) Sis in High Five, Me in Ticker Tape, and Mom in Rizzo

Rivet & Sway’s glasses are a lot of fun, and I totally love them. Counting the new prescription sunnies I just purchased, I have 3 pairs. I like them because you can order them online — they now allow you to order 5 pairs for at home try ons so you can test the fit and make sure everything is looking right. You can take a look at their collection on their website: Rivet & Sway. If you’re worried about ordering online, and you live in the Seattle area (or driving distance), you can call and make an appointment at the Rivet & Sway Showroom.

On our feet, of course, we’re wearing Fluevogs.

A Fluevog Boot Circle

A Fluevog Boot Circle (Left to Right): Sis in Rosie in Black, Mom in Red Operettas, and me in Adriana Nuni in Black


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