Delicious Green Broccoli Rabe Smoothie

This post was supposed to go out last night for recipe tuesday, but I fell asleep. I’m so sorry! Onto the recipe:

I eat a lot of kale, but I’ve started adding different types of greens into my diet. Broccoli Rabe is one of these vegetables. Full of potassium, iron and calcium, Broccoli Rabe is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables available.

For a quick and healthy breakfast, I made a Broccoli Rabe smoothie.


Here’s what you need:

4 oz coconut water
1 large banana
3 oz kefir
.5 bottle of Mamma Chia juice (I used guava)
Handful of frozen Broccoli Rabe (roughly a cup)
1 scoop of RAW protein powder (or any type of protein powder, I like RAW Protein because it has sprouted protein)


Place in ingredients in a blender and blend for a minute (or until smooth)

It tastes great and is super healthy, too!

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