Kind of funky, just like me

Inspired by Clara’s Red Satchel, I created an outfit I would rock for spring. I love the blazer, and the skirt ties everything together with its fun and funky colors.

Karen Ko, the designer of the necklace, was my middle school classmate, and I just love her jewelry. She even designed my wedding earrings!

Kind of funky, just like me

Satchel Addiction Turned Obsession: Satchel in Oxblood — An Alternative to Red

Note: This post includes an affiliate link

While I’ve been in love with Clara’s Red Satchel, this Oxblood one is also extremely good looking and seems a bit more professional (I already have my bright blue Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel, so I may need a more subdued one for interviews). I’m intrigued because the reviewers seem to love it. In fact, one review on Modcloth said “ even though it is red the brown undertones will mean it goes with almost anything.” There is a handle, too. Hmmm…

Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Oxblood - 15 from ModCloth – $174.99

from: ModCloth

I think I already have my satchel quota for the next couple of months, but if this one is still available later, I may just pick it up.

Doctor Who Clara’s Red Satchel Obsession Continued…

A couple of days later, and I am still obsessed with Clara’s satchel. I did a search for Clara’s satchel and came up with this:

Clara Oswin Oswald - The Rings of Akhaten

It’s a set of an outfit like Clara’s! Ashbug13 did a wonderful job and I’m absolutely smitten with that satchel <3 The only thing I would change about this is the Zatchel Satchel. Instead, I would use the Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel because of their anti-bullying stance and donations.

So, here is a picture of the Cambridge Satchel Co.’s satchel. Honestly, I can’t see the difference. Can you?

The Classic The Cambridge Satchel Company

And one more board (seriously obsessed with Doctor Who):

Satchel <3

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