Back from Blogging Break — Big News!

Well, I’m back. I missed blogging and writing — I find it therapeutic and fun. In the five months I’ve been gone, we purchased our house and settled in. Now, I’m getting used to being a homeowner. Who knew owning a house, albeit a small one, could be so much work?

My husband and I have started cutting back on purchases because we can’t fit anything into it! Our mantra is now: “Organize, organize, organize. “Or,”Donate!”

Well, it was until… I found out I was pregnant. DH and I are extremely excited to be adding to our family, and were ecstatic by the news.

Unfortunately, 6 weeks in I started having spotting… and it just continued.

After getting an ultrasound at 7 weeks, we found out I have a small Subchorionic Hemorrhage or “SCH” as its known in various mommy communities.

After speaking with our doctor, and listening to my body, we decided that modified bed rest is best. So, I’ve been moving back and forth from the couch to the bed. Since my daughter always wants to be carried (and I can’t carry her), my mom has been taking off work to stay at home and help me.  I know that I am so blessed that she is here to help me and I am forever grateful, but sometimes I miss my daughter and it just being her and me.

I’ll be writing about my bed rest and how this new pregnancy has changed our lives, but I’ll also have more time to search out fun and exciting activities for Hapa Baby to do and there will definitely be more Mommy – Daughter Fashion Posts coming (so many cute things now!)!

Keep an eye out for these posts, I’m finally back!

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