The Big Question: Cloth or Disposables?

I’ve placed my family on a budget (family meaning my husband and me). We are looking at ways to cut costs, gain savings, pay off some debt, but still not feel like we are missing out on things.  As I started researching around various blogs, the problem of diaper budgeting came up over and over. How expensive are diapers? Expensive.

As a first time mom, I have no idea how expensive diapers are or how they will affect my budget. However, I have a feeling that they are more than I had previously budgeted for because my husband has decided he only wants to purchase expensive whole foods diapers.

So, I began searching for ways to save on diapers while still remaining “green.” Tough. I know.

I’ve come up with cloth diapering.  Cloth diapering looks like a good alternative to disposable diapers, but I have no idea where to start! I’ve done a bit of research. Here is my preliminary search and aa couple of blogs you may want to check out (I know I will be looking at these!):

Places to purchase cloth diapers:

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