5 Things I Learned After I Became a Mom

My daughter is almost two. A lot has happened since she was born, but the most important is that by becoming a mom, I am becoming more at peace with myself. I know I’ve stated many times that I’m overwhelmed but I wouldn’t change a thing.

5 things I learned after becoming a mom

Here are 5 things that I learned after I became a mom:

Dress to make yourself happy

When I was younger, I always worried that what I was wearing made me look fat or wasn’t fashionable. After I had my daughter, I refused to buy new clothes because I wanted to lose weight first. I realized, after a year, that this wasn’t making me happy. It was only when I started dressing for myself and dressing to make myself happy that I started to feel better about myself. When I felt better about myself, I started to lose weight, but I learned that I have an eclectic, fun style that’s all my own. I read fashion blogs every now and then to get ideas and pick out what I like and what I don’t. I’ve also been quite addicted to Polyvore.

Pursue your dreams 

After I had my daughter, I thought my dreams of a career were over. They weren’t. In fact, I just had to get a little more creative with what I wanted out of my career — that’s when I started pursuing my true passion — blogging and connecting with others as a career. I am now managing the social media marketing and community management for a company I absolutely love — it’s a well-known beginning reader series. The bloggers and moms I interact with on a daily basis inspire and encourage me. I love helping to promote them and our books.  My dream of writing for a living has come true, and I couldn’t have done it without my daughter.

Take Lots of Pictures and Be in Them

My husband purchased me a camera when we found out we were having a daughter. It’s a DSLR that’s amazing and takes beautiful pictures. I love it. It’s probably the best camera ever. I took a picture for every day of my daughter’s first year, but I wasn’t in many of them because I was always worried I looked fat. I wish I had asked my husband to take more but I do that now. It doesn’t matter if I think I’m looking my best I ask my husband to take pictures of us so we have the memories for my daughter.

Don’t judge and treat others the way you would like to be treated

It’s really easy to judge, but it can be easier to be understanding. Before I became a mom, I was always worried what others thought of me. I’ve stopped worrying. I have more important things to worry about — like watching my daughter and helping her become the best she can be. On the flip-side, I’ve learned to place myself in other people’s shoes before I make a snap judgment. If someone says something really rude, I try to count to three before I respond. If I see a toddler screaming in the aisles (as my daughter sometimes does), I smile at the other mom and, if it looks like she needs help, I try to offer a hand.

Appreciate your friends and family

Since my daughter was born, there has been a lot of illness and death in my family. I’ve realized that it’s really important to appreciate the family and friends that you have — and to tell them about it. Lately I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. When I have a few spare moments, I try to let them know that I care. Being a mom can be lonely, reaching out to others and listening to their experiences and life can keep the loneliness away.


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10 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned After I Became a Mom

  1. We recently had a similar discussion in our women’s Bible class on Sunday morning. I agree that it’s important for our children to have pictures of us. Grieving is hard, and I’ve heard people say they wished their parent had been in more pictures so they could have those memories. I used to hate to have my picture taken too. Now, as long as I’m enjoying myself, I don’t mind them.
    Kay M. recently posted…Ultimate Baby Shower Event Sign-Ups!!My Profile

  2. This is a great post! It’s good to take the time and apreciate your child, and your life after you had the child. And those memories are so important! Keep taking the pictures and appearing in them :)

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