Webby Wednesdays: What is Facebook Reach and How Can it Help Me?

NOTE: This blog post is meant for beginners who are not managing a large brand — beginners who are trying to get their Facebook pages off the ground or are scratching their head at the little number at the bottom of their post. 

If you have a Facebook page, you’ve seen it. The little number under a Facebook post that says,” You’ve reached x amount of people.”

Number of people your Facebook post has reached

Number of people your Facebook post has reached


“Awesome!” You think,”But what does this mean?”

Reach is how many eyeballs have viewed your post.

When you mouse over the number, you’ll see something like this:


Number of organic or viral views your Facebook page has reached

“Viral? Organic?” These thoughts may cross your mind.

Here is the definition between organic, paid, and viral reach according to Facebook:



Why are these breakdowns important and why should you know your reach?

Reach is important because it helps you measure your post’s performance. By analyzing your post’s reach, you can determine how well it did and how you could make it better. 

Let’s say that one Facebook post you posted at 6 a.m. received 5 organic eyeballs and 5 likes. That’s a 100% of people who saw it and liked your post (this isn’t typical, just a hypothetical). Let’s say you had a Facebook post at 5 p.m. that received 35 organic eyeballs, but only 5 likes. That’s a 14% return rate. Which post was better? The post that received 5 likes after being viewed 5 times, or the post that received 5 likes after being seen 149 times? Isn’t a like a like?

According to Post Rocket, no. Not all likes are created equal. In Post Rocket’s blog post, Understanding Reach and Its Role in Your Facebook Marketing StrategyPost Rocket explains that a post with less eyeballs but a higher percentage of likes would be better because it had higher engagement.

Fine. You may be thinking. But what about my viral views. My post was viewed by 35 organic eyeballs, but 110 people virally saw it. Is a like still a like then? Arguably, no, since your post reached more people, the likes helped your post reach a larger audience, an audience that still did not engage or “like” your post.

What can you do about this? Look at the post that seemed to have a higher engagement rate. What was it that caused people to take action? Try to make a post like the one that you received higher engagement for and post it at 5 p.m., see if you receive more likes. Try different strategies, review what works and what doesn’t. Write what works for your followers down. Write down what doesn’t. See what times get the most eyeballs and what times don’t.

You can also read this list of articles on how to increase your Facebook reach and engagement and see if it helps:

P.S., Engagement on Facebook isn’t simple. In fact, if you searched Google for Facebook engagement, you will find a lot of posts about how we are measuring engagement wrong. Until we figure it all out, I’m not posting how to calculate engagement. I’m going to wait until there’s a more concrete answer.


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4 thoughts on “Webby Wednesdays: What is Facebook Reach and How Can it Help Me?

  1. I don’t see that on my page at all! Do you know if there is a way to turn the feature on and off? I have had my personal facebook page since 2004 but somehow still find myself struggling with my blog’s site…
    Caroline recently posted…A Return to BalanceMy Profile

    • If you’ve had your page from 2004, I’m wondering if you have a group. Maybe you could send me a link to your page? :) or I’ll just go to your blog, find, it and like you :) I’ll let you know.

        • From what I’ve been reading, there isn’t a way to turn off insights. Your personal page won’t receive insights, but your business page will. I am editing this because I had said you would need to be on a browser or the Facebook pages app, but this isn’t true. It shows up in the Facebook app. So, I am a bit stumped. The only thing I can think of is that your older posts hadn’t had any reach and that is why it is not showing up. One of my pages from 2008 has no insight on a few posts. I’d try to make a post at lunch or right after work to see if it shows insights. If this is still not helping, do you think you could send me a screenshot of what you are seeing when you go to your page admin page to my email kat @ Hapamom.com?


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