Babywearing at the Honolulu Zoo and a review of Kaimuki’s Lion King

A few weeks ago we went to the Honolulu Zoo. I love the zoo because there is an amazing playground and petting zoo for the kids. My daughter was petting the goats while my son road his first slide!
The flamingos and zebras were family favorite. 
It was quite fitting for us to visit the zoo because we had just seen the Lion King at Kaimuki school. If you want to introduce your kids to the theater, the Kaimuki School productions are amazing. They run on donations so you can donate what you can afford to see the play. The students who participate in the productions are top notch and definitely put a lot of work into making sure they know their parts. 
My son and daughter were enthralled. My son, aged 1, sat through the whole play and clapped along to the singing. My daughter, aged 4, loved the colors and the dancing. Next time they have a production, check it out!

Here are some pictures from the zoo:

Farm fun at the Little Farm at Windwater

My daughter took a field trip to a farm yesterday and she had so much fun! We got to see chickens, bunnies, a donkey, and (best of all) horses! If you are looking for a place to have a field trip, I would highly recommend the Little Farm at Windwater. The people were very nice, the animals were well taken care of, and my kids had an amazing time! 

tula in my lula at the farm in auburn

My daughter was so excited to see the horses!

My daughter is obsessed with them – the farm gives pony rides for an extra charge and my daughter couldn’t wait to go on one! 

riding the horse at the little farm in Windwater

My daughter rode the horse while my son was on my back in his Tula.

My son decided he should give walking a try. 

walking at the little farm at windwater

Truthfully, I prefer him in my Tula and this may be the first time he actually walked on grass.

Here’s one more of my son trying to walk since he’s so darn cute!

dash pacifico Tula

He’s a little hesitant about this green stuff and is deciding if he’d like to be back in his rainbow Tula.

If you are wondering what I’m wearing, the top is the LuLaRoe Irma (so comfy!) and the skirt is a LuLaRoe Cassie. :) 

Mother’s Day Leggings Giveaway

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce I have joined LuLaRoe! I am still waiting to onboard (get my inventory) but I wanted to do something special in honor of in honor of Mother’s Day!

I will be offering a pair of TC leggings, a pair of OS leggings, a $10 Gift Card to Starbucks, and a $25 Gift Card to MerMama Creations!

Void where prohibited. Limited to the US. Must be 18 or over to enter. No purchase necessary. Please email for list of winners.

Tip Toe through the Tulips 

Our family went to Skagit to visit the Rooezengarde Tulip Festival. My daughter and I wore matching LuLaRoe for the occasion! 
My mother wore her LuLaRoe Irma and black leggings. 

This tulip festival was absolutely beautiful! Here are a couple of my favorite photos.       








Out of Control Review (WITH UPDATES)

Out of Control Review


NOTE: This has been edited with explanations of some of my writings.

I received the book “Out of Control” by Dr. Shefali Tsabary to review more than a year ago when my daughter was a little more than two years old. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to read the book (things got a little crazy for a while and my blogging and spare time became difficult). I knew, however, that this was a book I must read: 1) because I had promised that I would and 2) because when I skimmed through it, I knew that it was a book that would help me with my daughter in the future.

The second reason is more true than I had realized. When my daughter hit her tantrum and unreasonable stage at the age of three and a half, I turned to Dr. Tsabary’s book, “Out of Control.”

Within the past few months, I have started using the lessons in this book. I decided to purchase the ebook (I got this book in pdf format) so that I would be able to highlight portions on my Kindle that I would like to return to. Here are the things that I have learned from Dr. Tsabary’s book so far:

1. Discipline doesn’t work.

Rather than yelling and screaming, try to understand why my daughter is upset by talking with her. In my head, this work. In practice, it has been very difficult for me. Unfortunately, me trying to talk to my daughter leads to her screaming at me,” I don’t want to do it beause I’m scared!” When I ask her what she’s scared of she says,” I’m scared of shadows (or toilet paper or ponies or rainbows or breathing or insert other ridiculous answer here).” She really has yelled at me that she peed on the floor because she is scared of rainbows when I tried to talk calmly to her. Sigh. This leads me to number 2.
NOTE: My husband said this step works for him very well. For me, it works sometimes, but if it doesn’t, I head to step 2.

2. Walk away.

When number one isn’t working with her, I walk away. It pains me to do so, but I do it so I can compose myself and calm myself down. This works. My daughter gets very upset and runs to me. (NOTE: I’m not trying to make her upset, and she isn’t always upset, I’m trying to calm myself down so she does not experience my anxiety which is not good for my daughter.) She says she’s not scared anymore.  I can’t do this when we are out of the house so this means I have to do number 3.

3. Remove her from the situation.

If she is being very naughty in the place that she is at and isn’t ready to be in the location, I get up and walk her out. Sometimes just the idea that she’s going to have to leave means that she will stop acting out. Other times, we end up walking out.

4. I’m eliminating my script.

I’ll admit to making a movie script in my head. And I’ll admit that I probably shouldn’t. Heck. I wrote one in college once. While I was excited about it, no one else was. I think that my daughter isn’t excited about my script either. I’m working at helping her create her own role… It’s been quite a challenge, but she’s blossoming into a headstrong and creative young girl.

This is a brief summary of the lessons in this book, my interpretations of the lessons, and the actions I have taken. I haven’t summarized everything, as I believe that you should read the book, but I wanted to write about a few of the lessons that have been valuable and helpful in connecting and working with my daughter through her difficult stages.

If you are searching for a way to help you with understanding and working with your children, I would definitely recommend reading this book and highlighting and bookmarking parts that resonate with you.

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